Zwölf Freunde
Photography 2016

Twelve designers on the topic of dream-travels.


Avidus - Heptachord
music video 2015

Modern day knight of house music.

Parasite Single (live)
promotional video 2015

Parasite Single's solo act live in Hamburg.

Subjekt 1
photo shoot 2015

Portrait of a female agent in a fashion editorial style.

Homo ludens
short film 2014

A man gains access to his childhood demons through playing.

Parasite Single - Time traveller
music video 2014

Ten portraits in nature, same places, different time.

Directed and produced with Jonas Hasselmann.

Patrick Salmen - Rostrot-kupferbraunfastbronze
short film/promotional video 2014

Based on the text by Patrick Salmen, a man reflects about manhood by defending bearded men in a letter to his girlfriend.

Das bisschen Schönheit... Patrick Salmen @ Dockville
short film/promotional video 2013

Filmed during the Dockville Festival, where Patrick Salmen won the poetry slam final, this short film transports the festival aesthetics accompanied by one of his texts called 'Das bisschen Schönheit werden wir nicht mehr los'.

photo series 2013

New York City's perspectives.

Pan Festival
festival film 2012

The first festival film captures the magical mood and timeless atmosphere of the event.

festival film 2013

The second film plays with composition and the yuxtaposition of image and movement.