Beets & Roots
Webdesign & Muse 2016

Artistic Research Project -
Webdesign & HTML/CSS 2016

As part of Balticlab 4.0, this project reflects on the feeling of home within a world of migration.

Kampf der K√ľnste
Webdesign 2016

IdeaGarden -
Sketching Interactivity

EU design research project 2014-2015

This project explores the possibilities that sketching offers for replacing programming within the design process of interactive systems.

Webdesign & HTML/CSS 2014

N.U.R.S - Nursing User Representation System
master thesis project 2012

This project reflects on the implementation of virtual beings in a medical context. The main question is whether a person can be replaced with intelligent technology and if so, how it should be done.

Full documentation here.